Three Ways You Can Build Your Brand Online

You’ve started your business, created a brand, what can you do to build your brand online? Your brand is how people see your company, all the ways they feel and think about your value proposition. Here are 3 avenues that will help you establish a brand, get it in front of your customers, and put that brand to work.

Search (SEM and SEO)
This kind of brand building reaches people looking for your product, and when done right, will help close a sale while reinforcing brand perceptions. SEM will serve ads on search engines based on paid keywords you select, while SEO optimizes your existing content and web pages to increase their visibility to those same search engines.

Social Media
Social media is where your brand can get out and play. Create a facebook page, a twitter account, or join whatever service your customers use. The key here is finding the relevant audience, don’t waste your effort on people who will never need or buy your product. Be true to your brand and above all, find a consistent voice. Once you’ve taken the time and effort to create a brand, you need to provide content that will reinforce your desired brand perceptions.

Online Advertising
This kind of branding intends to drive awareness and recognition. As global click-through rates have dropped, these display banners have lost some of their interactive quality, but a great banner can still drive interaction. Consider rich media or banners that let you do more than click to engage your consumers. Retargeting will find customers based on their browsing history and behavior, serving your display ads to those most likely to click. However, even a simple banner can increase brand recognition.

For more information, check out this infographic on building your small business brand online.

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