Three Ways to Create a Great Company Culture

Great company cultures don’t happen by accident; they’re molded by people who make intentional choices about the importance of culture to their business. Here are three ideas from managers and CEOs who have managed to build enviable company cultures.

This article about Ken Thompson, once named Canada’s richest man, includes eight ideas that can improve your corporate culture and starts with hiring the right people. If you hire for commitment and passion, you’ll find people willing to invest in your business, rather than simply use you as a stepping stone.

For people to live your company culture, they must first understand that culture. This means you need to articulate it through a series of values or beliefs. Zappos has built one of the more admired company cultures in modern business, and this article from Fast Company discusses how they articulated their company culture into ten core values. Visit their web site and you’ll find these values are even available to the general public.

In an interview with Ben Kirshner, the founder of Elite SEM, says that employers massively undervalue employee feedback in companies of all sizes. Ask your associates for their opinions and you’ll get better perspective and more buy-in.

It’s important to provide recognition and guidance, for both behaviors you want to see more of and behaviors you’d like to eliminate. Brock Blake, CEO of Lendio writes about the importance of recognizing individual accomplishments and how it helps retain talent. Don’t let the only time your employees hear from you be when they’ve made a mistake.

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