Three Tips to Building a Great Sales Team

As your small business grows into a larger one, you’ll also need to grow your sales team, (hopefully one day into a sales force.) However, if you want to keep growth moving forward, you’ll need to be sure to hire good sales people and make sure they have the resources they need to succeed. Here are three ways you can ensure you’re building a sales team that’s going to go out and sell.

  1. In this article on Entreprenuer.com about building a stellar sales team, they offer a step-by-step process to evaluating and growing your sales team. One of the key steps is understanding your company’s needs and matching them to the right hires. Even the best salespeople won’t be the right fit at every company. So, make sure you hire someone that’s a good fit for your company culture.
  2. Bob Gaudreau, the Regus global sales director offers a series of insights in Build a Stellar Sales Team on Forbes.com, including the commonly quoted “show me the money.” Creating an incentive and commission package that rewards performance and provides incentives to sell is a big part of getting the most out of your sales staff. Smart monetary incentives can even serve to drive sales during slow periods.
  3. Given the explosion of technology that can support and empower salespeople, it’s vital to  insist that your staff learn and use the new technology. The co-founders of Mainsail Partners advocate being relentless when it comes to new technology, as failing to do so leaves your sales team at a competitive disadvantage.

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