Branding Basics

You can likely identify several well-known brands, but when it comes to branding your small business, how do you start?

You should first understand what a brand is. A brand is the promise you make to your customers, it’s the experience you provide, and everything that makes your business what it is. A brand is something only your company can own, once you’ve built a brand, it becomes uniquely yours.

Branding basics include a logo, a brand strategy, and a well-articulated brand message, voice and set of branding materials. This article about branding basics on Entrepreneur.com recommends you get a great logo and put it everywhere. While the logo is the visual representation of your brand, there are other tactics you should also include.

In this interview with John Parham, the director of branding at Parham Santana, he says a small business only needs to know two things to define its brand. The first is that clarity is better than being clever, and the second is that being different is better than being better. That second idea may seem hard to swallow, but it’s easier to convince a consumer you’re unique than it is to convince a consumer you’re superior.

Finally, this post in the entrepreneurs section of Forbes.com outlines some branding mistakes you should avoid. The author advises small business owners to avoid accidentally being offensive, picking poor names, and warns against making a poor logo choice. As we mentioned above, your logo is the visual representation of your brand, it should be legible, simple, and above all, match the character of your brand.

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